I start my day and end my day, expressing my gratitude. People and things for whom I blessed to have in my life and without whom, my life would be infinitely more sucky.

When life has knocked me down the hardest, I find that this habit of gratitude keeps me getting back up to fight another day. The alternative is to what? Cry in my Frosted Flakes? At least I still have Frosted Flakes.

I am grateful for the lessons learned by some people and some events. Learning who actually has your back and who doesn't is perhaps one of the most valuable lessons I have ever learned. Who wants you truly and absolutely succeed and who is just waiting for you to fail. Some events have been life changing and while the lesson may have been painful, chances are it's because I didn't listen the first time the Universe tried to warn me, so it had to speak up so I would listen.

I am grateful for the tests of my patience. I am grateful for the tests of my patience...yeah, I am working on this one. I know I need more patience with myself especially. Changing my life is a day to day is the ultimate marathon and not a sprint and the end result (my author life, my physical health, my financial health, etc) is so very much worth the wait...And for that I am truly grateful.

This month I am going to, as I have the past couple of years, express my gratitude through my blog. What are you grateful for, friends?