Growing Pains

So last week I spoke to a group of about a thousand 1st graders (really about 100) and a class of about 20 5th graders. Talked about writing...and where I get my ideas...and why I love writing. Showed them my pretty books and let them pass around my books. It was amazing! Tremendous! Fantastic! Exciting! And more than a little terrifying. I have wanted to grow as a writer...and grow I did!

So some of you, those who have met me, know that I have taught every where from 6th grade to adults, with high school and college being where I have spent 18 of my 19 years teaching...and then here I was, standing in front of a bigger group of tiny humans than I have ever seen in my whole life...and it was so much fun!!!!! It was so amazing to see them, full of questions and trying so hard to sit still and hold onto their questions. We had super heroes of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and we took the villain and turned Shredder into a Pirate ballerina. If I get to go back, I will have some kind of activity for us to do.

Talking to the 5th graders was also amazing. A few of them were writers and it made me want to pull up a chair and grab a notebook so we could all just write together. Keep that energy high and that passion alive!

There were a few of my friends that, when I told them about this opportunity, they said "you?" and when I answered them at first, I was like, "I'm talking about writing, what could go wrong??" While in my mind was clearly everything that could go wrong. Turns out...the qualities that make me a good teacher, are universal across the ages...and the day far surpassed my thoughts on how it was going to go.

Go me!