Hiding out...

An acquaintance kindly told me that I needed to have more of a social life and while I tend to agree that I do 'hermit out' a bit too much, and while I do want to go out and meet people (I would LOVE, for example, to go on a date, which is rather impossible when all I do is teach and write)...I also look at my calendar and wonder where in my schedule I could do this as I assume it is like exercising and you have to be out in public more than once to see any results.

Right now I teach a full-time job that I love (and anyone who tells you that teaching is a 40-hour work week has clearly never taught. I also teach a part-time job, which I also love. I enjoy both of these because it is a nice contrast between online and face to face. I also try to put in about 30-40 hours a week for my author life because those books and projects don't write/edit/revise/publish themselves. Check my math (always) but there are 168 hours in a week and though I don't do it well, I do like to at least try to sleep, not to mention eat, exercise, drive my Jeep, and make sure I see and talk to people once in a while...and to make sure some of those people are non-coworker and non-student types of people.

People have said they don't know how I have time to write books and then they laugh that they don't have time to even write out a grocery list. It's a sacrifice, a choice, and one I can do right now with no romantic relationship or kids or family commitments. Right now I choose to be a hermit -- to get projects done -- all with the goal of one day writing full time and teaching part-time instead of all I am currently juggling.

So, I know I need to have more of a social life...and I really am doing my best.