Holding Auditions

So ever since I wrote the words "The End" on Arianna's Destiny it has been a very busy place inside my head, which is not at all unusual given the number of characters and stories that are up there...but this was a different kind of chaos and so far it has happened 3 times...when Whatever You Make of It went off to the publisher, when Arianna's Honor became my 2nd published book and now that my third book is done on the creative side of things. Imagine, if you will...a family reunion in a park where all of the different characters are different family members, but instead of fighting, they are all each other's biggest fans. Can you picture that? So since the creative side of number 3 was done, that leaves room on my plate for a new primary novel to focus on...what will become published book #4. I have about 5 or 6 finished first drafts at current...logic would say that one of these should be the next book polished and published. My muse is not always logical...but she is always right. So to determine what would be in the coveted #4 book spot, I have been holding auditions where I have basically been writing a little bit here on this story and a little bit here on that story, to see what catches hold to be the next primary project. I'm still making progress, albeit a bit scattered and random to anyone looking in...but anyone crazy enough to look inside my mind, kind of gets what's coming to them. Be warned :D I think we have an answer. I think the next thing to be published will be my Lucky Charms series with First Down, Stealing Second, and Hat Trick and that is such a fun series to write...I believe it will be a fun one for everyone to read as well. First Down is almost done with first draft...then comes editing and adding in all of the football tidbits. Stealing Second is only 9 chapters old, but is moving along nicely. And Hat Trickhas the first draft complete as it was the one in the series that I wrote first. It seems backwards to many, but now that I know where I end up, I can figure out how to get there. The auditions were fun...and I am pretty sure that one of the other stories that auditioned will be what I write on for National Novel Writing Month this November :D