Holding myself accountable...

So, I have found a workout that I can do even with the arthritis in my knee. It is the first workout (in my entire life) that I am actually a bit sad if I miss a day, so that is kind of amazing. My favorite part is I can do the workout with music only and don't have to hear the incredibly cheerful (if her nonverbals are any indication) person on the DVD.

So far...for Lent, I have not had a single pop. I have had a couple of Hershey Kisses...because they claimed to be carrot cake flavor, and I was doing an experiment as to how that could be possible. Turns out, it's possible.

I clocked in 17 hours of "Author Time" this week. Even made myself a time card...and yes, there are probably fancier ways to do this...but pen and paper has never failed me. (Not throwing a challenge, Murphey's Law...stating a fact...). time card