Ideas: Time

Okay, I think I have set up the concept of ideas and time as a ratio...if I am mistaken, please correct me. I have no problem admitting it's been a while since I had to put anything in terms of a ratio...but my idea is this...I have an overabundance of ideas to write about and an underabundance of time (that's not a word...but I write poetry, so...poetic licence).

I know some of you are saying, "oh you poor poor author, waah, you have too many ideas," and your mocking would be justified, without a doubt. I don't say this for pity though (I'm not that far gone for reality) but I actually say it just stating a fact (there is a line from the Friends' TV show running through my head when Ross can't decide between Amy and Rachel and Chandler makes fun of his stressful life).

I love that at any given time there are a bounty of ideas bouncing around my head like a bunch of ping-pong balls let loose in a ping-pong ball factory. I love this. I love that I am constantly thinking of what to add to this story or wouldn't this be a good idea for this article and so on. I am not in the least bit complaining...the part of the ratio (I am just going to continue using or misusing that word) that is pesky is time.

I know that we all get the same 24 hours in a day...we all get the same amount no matter how busy or not busy we choose to make our lives. People don't understand how I can have so many projects going on at one time; I don't understand how people allow themselves to be bored, so it's even.

I don't mind having too many ideas; I do mind having too little time, so to remedy that unequal proportion to my ratio (did I use either of those remotely close to their intended use???) I am going to start making better use of my time, writing more, finishing more, and coming up with more game plans for such :D  I tell my students all the time...if you want something badly enough, you find ways to get it done. So I need to do as I tell others :D