In my Head...

So it is officially 8 days until I click SEND on Broken Trust, and give the world the chance to meet Sam, my beautiful mess of an artist, Ben, my detail-oriented architect, and Ali, my eclectic music store owner (who gets even more attention in the sequel, Redeeming Trust, due out this fall).

My head right now reminds me of a high school student right before the musical or play was about to be performed. Like I am going through my work day and getting my to-do list tasks done, but mentally I am going over the things I need to do before it's curtain time.

My characters are all over the place in my head. There is, of course the nervous energy of Ben, Sam and Ali...checking to make sure they "are ready for their closeup" and are ready to meet the world. Sam is nervous because she's covered in paint splotches, Ben is making sure every detail is in place, and Ali is deciding what color to make her hair for opening night. their supporting cast is also milling around making sure they play their roles the best they can. (Officer Biceps is flexing...which is really just a little distracting).

In addition to the cast of Broken Trust having buckets of nervous energy there is, as always, the characters in my other novels anxiously awaiting the publication of Broken Trust because that creates some room on my always over-filled plate. (I apologize for the convoluted metaphor).

Even though I know the next project after Broken Trust will be Redeeming Trust and then the Lucky Charms series (First Down, Stealing Second, and Hat Trick), there is still the hovering anxiety of what will come NEXT. Because all of my projects know that while I am editing and revising, I need a project to be my writing project so that I can keep the cycle going.

So there is the feel of the characters in my other projects, all wanting to ask, but not wanting to distract me, but also exuding nervous energy to try to catch a glimpse of what will be revealed as next. So much fun chaos in my head right now.