It's awfully Monday for a Tuesday

So I love holidays (though 4th of July is kind of a love/hate since the animals I live with are not happy at all with the 4 days of constant celebration). Love days where I don't have to log in and can just be free from the full-time teaching responsibilities for a bit. And then the day after the holiday happens and I don't know what day it is.

So this morning, I got to new schedule that I blogged about where I come in later to be able to write in the morning...I forgot to pack my lunch last night...forgot to bring anything for lunch today...forgot my cup for my oatmeal...forgot my utensils (no, my OCD hasn't gotten worse, my work bought different spoons and they bend in my yogurt, so I brought my own). So not the best start to my work day.

But I wrote for almost two I am totally still calling it a win. I got up, did my workout, and was writing at my beautiful blue desk and having a wonderful time of it. I will keep this schedule as long as I possibly can to get my workout and my writing in first thing. Then I am more productive (if a little bit hungry) while I am here and it will all work out just fine.