Jac and Jyn (my first fictional characters) (A-Z blog)

**I missed yesterday...too much going on...but I am lucky there are more days in April than there are letters in the alphabet.**

We all remember our first love, first real heart break, first time we fell down, first time we...well, I think we get the picture.

Jac and Jyn were my first fictional characters to send out into the world. They were in Whatever you Make of It and no matter what, they will always get the honor of being my first published "children."

Before I clicked SEND on my first novel, before I introduced Jac and Jyn to the world, I worried and fretted and was just so very nervous. What happened if I clicked SEND and people thought Jac was a jerk and not worthy of sweet Jyn? What if they thought Jyn was too naive and sweet to be believable? Would they get what I was trying to do between Jac and Jyn in their world and Johnathon and Rebecca in their respective world? Would they have any compassion for Johnathon at all?

I kept putting off clicking send for one ridiculous reason after another. I tried to convince myself that my characters weren't ready. Truth is, they had been ready for years. It took a dear friend telling me to "let go" for me to click SEND and even then I closed my eyes as I clicked the button.

Everything is awkward the first time. You have no idea what you are doing and you are completely sure you are doing everything wrong.

But I clicked send. I sent my first "children" off to the publishers and then I just (figuratively) held my breath and hoped the world came to them kindly. (My second and third books, it was a different feeling as Arianna had a sword and my worry was that she would use it in public). It got easier to click send with Arianna's Honor and Arianna's Destiny and I am eager to click send on Broken Trust some time this month as well. But that first time, clicking send with Jac and Jyn...that was, as every first has been, scary and exhilarating, amazing and awkward...and beautiful -- absolutely beautiful. And the world got to meet Jac and Jyn --and I got to be a published author, learning that part of the writing process.

I love that Jac and Jyn got to be my first published characters. You always remember your firsts...and Jac and Jyn were a perfect start to my author career. They taught me a valuable part of the writing process...the important part of clicking send and sharing my characters with the world.