No...I'm not becoming a Gene Simmons fan, nor am I offering to kiss everyone, sorry, I know that is disappointing. Keep It Simple, Stupid is an acronym that to me, completely helps explain Occam's Razor (the simplest solution is usually the right one...I'm paraphrasing, but you get the gist).

I am working on simplifying my life. I am keeping a balance between my two professions (both of which I love and need at the moment)...my teaching life is strong and my students keep telling me they like what I'm doing. My author life is also strong and Broken Trust  will be out sometime next month. But I need to simplify. I need to look at things (and people) in my life and ask myself, "is this REALLY necessary?" "IS this a reflection of WHO I am now or is this something from who I USED to be?"

I almost titled this "Cleaning out My Closets" which, of course, made me think of the Eminem song, but after looking at his lyrics...the title was really the only thing that fit what I was trying to say, so I went with the idea of simplifying my life. I do enjoy when something has a literal and a figurative meaning, so I am kind of geeking out about the fact that I will be cleaning out my house for things I no longer need and cleaning out my memories for people whose lives have taken a different turn. Isn't it nice when things work out like that?

My novels and my projects need my focus. My students need my focus too, as do my true friends and family. I need my home consolidated and organized and I need to look at the people in my life too...though they will, naturally, be more consolidated than organized. I need to look at everything and everyone and just see what still makes sense. I just need to Keep It Simple, Stupid.