Yesterday I added a key to my key ring and it started me thinking about how symbolic keys are.

They could be the start of a new life...that new key to a new place to live. A house key. A home. A feeling of belonging and knowing you are in a safe and supportive place where you can just be you...and that's enough.

They could be the realization of a dream...the key to the vehicle you have always wanted. I know when the nice man at Car Smart handed me my Jeep keys for the first time, I held on to them tightly and contemplated the damage I'd do to anyone who tried to take them from me. Nope. She's mine. Back away.

They could be the start of a business. A life long dream. A goal.

They could be a symbolic joining of a relationship. Mi casa es su casa (sorry...I took French, so if that is not correct...I think I got it pretty close).

The key I added yesterday is to a box. A PO Box. For author things. And it's mine. For my author things. I held on to my PO Box key the whole drive home. And also, awkwardly, on the walk I took with my roommates.

To those of you who have been following know this is a step toward my full-time author life. This is a way I can mail out my books and receive fan mail and not have to give out my home address.

This is also the first time I have put down roots. Anywhere. Yes, yes. I know...if I moved, I could get a new PO Box and it's not that big of a deal, Michelle...but it is. For is a very big deal. I have never wanted to have anything that kept me tied to a particular place. And now I have a PO Box...tiny tiny roots in a place I call home. To me. It's huge.