Letting Go when the novel is DONE

May 07, 2015 by Michelle Denise Sodaro
Before I clicked send on my first novel, Whatever you Make of It, I held onto it, probably for an extra month or two, fretting and changing a word here and a sentence there - I was so scared to let go. And then a dear friend of mine (who keeps pushing me to make it a series) told me "She's ready. It's time." And her words sunk  in, and in a sense, gave me permission to send my first novel out into the world.

The process hasn't gotten all that much easier and I still get myself into quite  a frenzy when it gets close to time to send a novel off, which in all honesty, is ALL that I want to do. At the core of me, I want people to meet my characters and read my stories. It creates a dissonance inside me -- the turmoil of wanting my novel published and the anxiety of letting go.

I have changed the beginning to Broken Trust no fewer than 6 times. In part these changes were to add depth to Ben's character -- to make him worthy of trying to win Sam's love. The other re-starts have come from Ali and Sam who are everything best friends should be. The beginning I have now, is THE beginning. I am not changing it again. It's making me even more neurotic than I already am because, of course, every time I change the beginning, I have to read through and make sure everything now fits with the new beginning. The trickle down of changes may be minor, but it's enough to drive a person crazy (or crazier, I will let you be the judge) because my mind needs to hold on to the current version, not any previous versions or any combination therein.

The Beginning is set. I am not changing it again. Broken Trust WILL have the publication date of May, 2015.

I am ready to let go. And I need to do it before I get another idea for the opening chapters...

22 May 2015. I click SEND. She's ready.