Looking back

2014 has been an amazing year as an author, a teacher, and a woman. It has been all about finding more about who I am and who I want to be. I have loved the progress and growth I have experienced throughout the course of 2014.

As an author, I published my third novel, Arianna's Destiny and have absolutely loved the response I have gotten from my third "child" out into the  world. It has been a matter of streamlining the process and loving every minute of being an author. It is a beautiful process from start to finish and I have finished the first draft of First Down which will be my next novel. I have made progress on Driven West which is now 26 chapters in. I have also made progress on Seducing Cupid which is now about 45% completed. Stealing Second is also coming along nicely. I love my author life.

My life as a teacher, has been a complex roller coaster for the past 18 years. I have loved my students and lost some. I have helped some and have not been able to help others. I have cried at every graduation, and I have smiled at every student who has said I helped them accomplish their goals. It is a constant amazement and humbling experience that my students appreciate what I do.

As a woman, on this 39th year on the planet, I have realized more of what I want in my life, and what I don't. I have realized that I want love, a real love, and that I am ready to put myself out there again. I am more aware of what matters to me in my life, what I want, what I don't want...what I will compromise for and what I will not compromise for. I have become stronger than I have before and have learned to look at myself as more beautiful...and more worthy of love and happiness. This is the start of an amazing chapter of life, and I am so ready!!!!

Looking back over 2014, it has been a beautiful journey. Looking forward to what the new year brings. Stay with me, friends.