Looking back on September

Sep 30, 2016 by Michelle Denise Sodaro
What a busy month. WOW....30 days? Really? There were only 30 days this month? Can I have a recount? Or a nap?

I ordered copies of all of my books so that I have them in stock at all time. Found out it is easier to sell them if I have them on hand. Weird, right?

I had my 2nd book signing, which was a success. I have some new readers who will hopefully become fans.

I have had some rejections from agents which makes me sad for a minute that they didn't love my pretty books...and then I dust myself off and strengthen my resolve. I WILL make a living as an author...and I will get to where I want to go. Promise you that. It is a WHEN, not an IF.

I also got to experience something new this month. A friend was getting married and needed someone to perform the ceremony. I got ordained and was able to help her and her husband out...which was an amazing and humbling feeling and I felt honored to be a part of their special day. Beautiful

It was quite a month after all.