Love scenes -- what to keep in mind, what to keep out (A-Z Blog)

Apr 14, 2015 by Michelle Denise Sodaro
the most important thing I can say about writing love scenes is to get that person out of your head. You know the person I mean...the one you would be mortified to discuss sex mom, your dad, your grandmother, your pastor/priest, etc. Get them out of your head if you are going to write about your characters having sex. Give your characters the privacy and respect they deserve (this will allow your readers to be voyeurs later on).

The problem with keeping in your head people you are embarrassed to talk about sex around is that it's even harder to write about it, because there it is in black and white -- you writing about something you can't even talk to them about.

Your characters deserve the sex life their story calls for. Which doesn't mean every story needs to jump on the erotica bandwagon anymore than it means every novel should be a G-Rated Disney film. Stay true to your story and true to your characters and tell the story you are meant to tell. Keep the sex real and keep things true to your story and your characters. Keep people out of your head who will censor you. Your story will thank you and so will your readers. Promise.