Lucky Charms

Yesterday morning, as I ate my Lucky Charms cereal, I allowed myself to think about my Lucky Charms series...just briefly...I still have to finish typing Redeeming Trust before I can play with Lucky Charms (and last week I was home only to sleep between work and subbing for finals and such so I didn't get as much...okay any typing done, if I am being honest).

So I can't work on Lucky Charms just yet...but I can think about it and come up with a game plan for the series...while I eat my cereal. I mean, they have the same name, so it's practically impossible to not think of one while I think of the other (I have no statistics to back this up as I have never tried to consciously not think of one while I was enjoying the other -- and wouldn't this be the oddest elephant in the room to intentionally not think of Lucky Charms while I was either eating the cereal or working on the series...I may have gotten off point here.

All three books have been written and typed in the same order: Hat Trick first even though it is last, First Down second even though it is first, and Stealing Second last even though it is second. And if you followed that, you either know me well or are a fellow writer or other creative sort.

I have loved these characters for a couple of years now and am so excited to get to work on them for the world to love them as well. First thing, I have to read through each of them and make notes on what happened when...and then I will start the editing process of First Down which will be much easier than the edit of either Broken Trust or Redeeming Trust because I knew more about the whole book writing process when I started writing this trio. Every book I work on, the process gets more seamless. Now if only every other part of my life could be seamless...but then what would I do? Oh, yeah...I would write more books.