Magic time

Jun 19, 2014 by Michelle Denise Sodaro

This quote by Meg Cabot is so true. There have been things I have written that I wrote in huge letters CHANGE THIS!!!!! because I knew it didn't work,  but I didn't want to stop the writing flow to figure it out right then. There have been scenes I hated  writing that I just had to get through.  And in doing all of this, the magic does indeed happen....and it makes it all worthwhile.  I try my hardest to write every single day. Some times when I'm writing,  it is magic time and it's all I can do to keep up with the words as they appear in my head (which is one reason I have a pen obsession). It is on these days I believe in magic. It is also on these days where I keep the Faith in my novels and my  future as an author. Some days the magic isn't as strong...but even a little magic keeps the hope alive...and when you see the finished product. ...abracadabra! !!!!