Making Plans

So as this fifth month of 2016 gets kicked off, I first have to say that it's a bit chilly, but so far this year, the seasons have been pretty random. Since I am pretty random myself, and I try really hard to not complain about things I have no control over, I am okay with Mother Nature being indecisive.

So my reader is done with Redeeming Trust and my list from her on what to fix is significantly shorter than previous novels. Maybe I am getting better at this author gig after all. So a goal for May is final out loud read-through. I know it has seemed to take forever, and I do apologize for life turned upside down when the novel was supposed to be finished and I feel that I have finally, mostly gotten it turned back-side up...either that or I adjusted and upside down is the new right sight up.

Lucky Charms is printed and the edit/revision of First Down was supposed to start yesterday, but grading and journalling had to be done. The nice thing is that I knew more about first drafts when I wrote this series, so the hope is that the revision will not be as lengthy because (at least as far as the plots exist at current) I do not need to write half of each book, just add bits here and there and make sure that the series as a whole is a solid as each novel.

I am starting to think about my 2nd book signing...details to follow.

I am sending my novels out via query letters...going fishing for an agent. Sent out one letter last week and got the kindest, most hopeful rejection letter in the history of rejection. She really made me feel it was not me, but her. ( really does feel like a job interview or first date, where both parties are seeing if they could imagine this as a good fit).

Get things done, Sodaro. You got this.