March! March! March!

I was really hoping if I said it three times, it would be like Beetlejuice, and the spring would just appear. But I still see snow outside, so evidently it didn't work.

This month, my number one goal is publishing Broken Trust. It is is revised. I am this much closer to clicking SEND on novel number four. I have to type my changes, give my book to my two readers (one for content, one for grammar), tweak my cover to what is needed for BookBaby. After all the changes are made, I click SEND and presto chango...Broken Trust is out for the world to get to know Ben, the architect and Sam, the paint-splattered artist. We also get to meet Ali (Ben's sister who gets her turn in Redeeming Trust).

My other goals for this month are to hit (and pass) the 50 mile mark for walking and the 30k mark for words written. I need to start the revising part of Redeeming Trust and keep the progress and forward momentum strong. I will continue to work on simplifying my life and living healthier.

Here's to another productive month. Go Sodaro, Go!