March reflection

So for those of you paying attention, I have a word count goal and a miles walked goal for each month (30,000 words and 50 miles respectively). This month I got to 21596 words and 34 miles. So still making progress and still have progress to be made. I am also proud to report, in the month of February, I had one pop and in the month of March, I had one pop. (For those of you who know me, you know this is kind of a big deal as I am absolutely a Coca-Cola addict).

Also this month, I have made progress on different projects, got my house a bit organized, and am reassessing my finances to make everything I want to happen a possibility. Also...and if you wouldn't mind a bit of a drum roll...I am one final read-through away from letting Broken Trust out in to the world. A few more tweaks...a tiny change here and there...a tightening up of the timeline...and I am ready to click send on my fourth novel. (It feels surreal every time I say that...fourth novel...that's kinda cool...).

I am positive about the future. It is becoming all that I have planned for it to be and I couldn't have written its events better than they turn out on their own, though I really wish my life was a novel so I could "peek" ahead a few chapters as I have some questions how some events turn out.

Looking ahead...Redeeming Trust goes to editing pile. Ben and Sam had their story in Broken and now it is Ali's turn in its sequel. So first and foremost, it will be to get Redeeming Trust  farther along the path to its publication. Also on the game plan is to work on the Lucky Charms series (First Down, Stealing Second, and Hat Trick). So hang tight gang...this year is just getting started for me. Glad you're along for the ride.