Master's Thesis Proven

Jul 12, 2015 by Michelle Denise Sodaro
"If I can write it, I can cope. And I've been writing many books, but in every book, I try to explore something in my own sould that I need to solve, I need to understand." Isabel Allende

In 2001, I wrote my Master's thesis on the idea that writing could help people work through any thing they happen to be going through. I took the idea of free association (credited to Sigmund Freud) which is the idea that we know the answers to our life problems, if we just talk through them to get past the things that are not the core problem. I took this idea to paper...where there are no interruptions or other people's opinions, there is just the healing power of pen to paper.

The one time I ever went to talk to a therapist, she wrote out her bills and mail while we talked and as I did most of the talking, I wondered what exactly I was paying her for. A notebook and pen are much cheaper with an even better end result. Maybe it's because I'm a visual person and could see what was on the paper. I don't know they why -- I only know it works for me 100% of the time.

One of the lowest points, hardest parts, toughest experiences of my life haunted me, tormented me nearly destroyed me. 10 years after I graduated with my Masters, it became a first draft of a novel and the writing of it freed me an healed me and protected me from that day ever hurting me again. That experience became a first draft and proved my Master's Thesis once again. I needed to understand and really examine what had happened and writing that draft allowed me to do exactly that.

Now that the first draft is written, I will make HUGE changes to the protagonist to make it HER story. The first draft was MY story and while there are little bits of me in everything I write, as it currently exists, this first draft is too much of my story to even be considered fiction.

Now that the healing has happened, I will make it a better story and keep the first draft for me and I will write my next novel and work through my next thing that needs more understanding and depth. Writing has helped me with everything in my life.