Messy parts of the process (A-Z blog)

Apr 15, 2015 by Michelle Denise Sodaro
Ernest Hemingway said, "the first draft of anything is shit." He was absolutely right. My first drafts are (as they should be) messy and all over the place. They are all beautiful disasters and that is at the best of all writing times, when the words just pour out of me ..where my editor and critics are all out drink Jack Daniels and my characters are acting out the scenes and the pen I am using better be smooth or they will be thrown away. It's just words across a page and keep the hell up to get everything written down. Don't think, don't edit, and for the love of all the chocolate in the world, don't break the flow. Wrong word? Sentence? Scratch it out and keep going. (I had to REALLY retrain my OCD to be okay with scratch-outs.) Can't think of a word? Draw a circle to figure out later. Don't know a fact? Mark it with a *LOOK THIS UP* (or if you can find one, text an amazing friend who will look it up and report back to you so you don't break the flow). You have to embrace the mess of the first draft. It is honestly, the best, most free part of the writing process, but you have to just let it happen. I think this is one of the main reasons I can't create on the computer. All of the amazing editing tools are a distraction to the flow. My subconscious can't play if I see the red or green wavy lines. The creating part is messy. Roll up your sleeves and come play.