Michelle Denise Sodaro

Jan 13, 2016 by Michelle Denise Sodaro
So that's the joke, right?  You know you're in trouble or something serious is going on when that middle name comes out. Like, "Better pay attention, because shit just got real" When I am journalling or talking to myself or just want to reign in the self-diagnosed ADD (Why do shiny things have to be so dang pretty??) I will either whip out the middle name and Michelle Denise Sodaro better get it in gear or I will just call myself by my last name. There will be a "Get things done, Sodaro" and this seems to work quite effectively to get me refocused and back into the present moment. (I have to do a "Pay attention, Sodaro" or "Michelle Denise Sodaro, would you flippin focus for a minute?") Both have the desired effect and have me at full attention (or as close to full attention as I ever get , anyway.) Having so many projects in my mind at the same time is always equally a blessing and a cure. Blessing because writer's block tends to not be able to keep up with all of my projects at the same time (which totally justifies me trying to work on them concurrently, or so I tell myself). Since at any given time, some are in writing phase, editing phase, revising phase, there is always some kind of work to do on something. Curse because I have too many toys out at one time and can't give my focus to all of them simultaneously. So I am trying to focus and finish one thing at a time. As you can imagine, there is a lot of yelling of "Michelle Denise Sodaro, sit your damn ass down and get to typing those Redeeming Trust edits" and a lot of "Okay, Sodaro, you got this." Trying to reign myself in and get things accomplished. Get this done, Sodaro.