My Author to-do list

Oct 08, 2015 by Michelle Denise Sodaro
It is rather easy to get overwhelmed by all of the things I need to do as an author, especially since I am still loving and doing the full-time teacher gig (actually full-time plus since I've picked up a class at my old stomping grounds, but I know I need to do these things: 1. Webpage-- I need one. I even have a domain (I think) it's I need to face my techno fears and just get this done. 2. POBox -- there will come a day when it's not okay for my fans to have my home address. 3. Goodreads-- I am a Goodreads author now, so that is a good start, but I need to do more with this as well as support my fellow authors. 4. Swag-- I need some. I have none in real life (haha) but I do need swag for my books. Including something I can sign for my ereaders (a request from my reader that I haven't forgotten). 5. Networking-- I do this some, though certainly not consistently or often enough. I am expanding my circle of writers, but not as actively as I could/should. 6. Non-fiction projects-- need to finish these and get them out (probably will mostly be ebooks ar least for now) but will get my name out there more. 7. Contests-- I need to have them and I need to join them for the books I have out. 8. Book signings-- my first I've was amazing, but I need more exposure...also need more copies of my books. 9. Combo deal-- I need to combine teaching and writing more. My two passions working together 10. Efficiency-- I need to make my process more efficient to get more done. It would probably help to work I only or project at a time, but let's not get crazy here.