My own insane asylum

"Being an author is like being in charge of your own insane asylum." Graycie Harmon

A friend, who has recently discovered the love and addiction of writing, asked me how I could handle having so many ideas in my head at the same time. At current, I have Lucky Charms (a 3-part series), Cupid (a 6-part series, which I promise will get better title), Trust (a 2-part series), Back on Track (a 5-part series), Shades of Blue (a book of poetry), and Driven West (which will be the novel I work on for NaNoWriMo this year). I also have anywhere from 1-15 singles that keep popping up to see if it is their turn yet. (I also have thoughts on turning Whatever you Make of It into a series and if/when Arianna will be back for round three). All of this is in my head in addition to a full-time teaching job that I love.

I have always described the image in my head as a picnic...with a table for each novel and the characters waiting for their next scene, ready for when I call them to the front and center. I like my picnic image. Someday I want this drawn out and made into a poster to hang in my office.

The other night, I had a dream, where a tornado came through my picnic (we were having weird weather, or as we say in :D) and in my dream, the tornado caused all of my characters to be swept all over the place and no one was at their respective table. So the image became more like the insane asylum mentioned by Ms. Harmon. There were no pills or screaming or strait jackets, but there was definite chaos and panic as we tried to reestablish order at the picnic. Every one is back where he or she belongs now and progress can once again be made...thank goodness no one was seriously injured in the process.