Nauseated...or is it Nauseous

In Never Been Kissed Drew Barrymore does an excellent job of discerning the difference between the two and while I loved that movie (me relating to someone that awkward when it comes to social things and dating, who knew?) I can't for the life of me remember if I am currently nauseated or nauseous.

Yesterday, a simple question from a very good friend hit the very core of me and when I realized the truth of the answer, I immediately took action to fix it.

Her question: Are you afraid to send out query letters?




Um, yes. very afraid.

But then to prove to myself I wanted my author life more than I was afraid of it...I sent off a query letter for each of my novels that is for Arianna's Honor/Destiny, one for Whatever you Make of It, one for Broken/Redeeming Trust, and one for Lucky Charms (though I'm stretching the word "Done" a bit here).

And then I felt nauseated...or nauseous...or definitely felt like both.