No excuses

"Begin while others make excuses. Keep going while others are quitting." Billy Cox

People ask me how I can teach full time (which I love) and write every day and I shrug and say "I just do."

People make time for what is important to them and things that aren't important, get excuses for why they aren't getting done. (It seems this is also true for people who are or are not important to another person, but that's for a different forum).

I know people who work a full time job and run miles every day. Or work full time and go to school. Or work full time and are single parents who still go to their kids games...or whatever it is that people CHOOSE to do with their non-work time. I CHOOSE to write.

I don't believe in excuses. You either want to do something or you don't. You either have what it takes to finish something or you won't ever finish anything. One of the struggles I have as a teacher are excuses (After almost 19 years, I feel I have heard them all) because I feel that you either get things done or you don't. Writing is important to me, so I start writing while others are telling me all the reasons they don't have time. And I keep writing when they have quit...I don't compare myself to other writers...I just keep going. I keep my eyes on the prize and put one more word after one more word after one more word on the page. My novels grows as I put another page after another page. I keep going because I know what it is to finish, and I will finish every project I have started.

NO excuses. NO quitting. GET THINGS DONE, SODARO