No Guarantees

7 years ago there was a shiny game plan. It has taken me longer, having to do it "alone" instead of as it was originally part of an amazing duo. I put "alone" in quotes, because I am not now, nor have I ever truly been "alone" as I have an incomparable support system, both physically here or spiritually present. It has taken me longer, but I got there. I quit teaching and am working a job which allows for writing to be full time.

What I learned from losing Trav was there are no guarantees in life. We are, none of us, promised the chance to see tomorrow. Anyone who has lost a friend or loved one can attest to the fragility of life, plans or no plans, so you have to cherish every moment and memory you get with people.

What I also learned was that we have to live our lives the way that makes sense to us...not to other people...not societal expectations...just us. Because there are no guarantees that we will get another chance to make it right or different or better.

You have this moment -- right now -- and that's as close as we get to a guarantee. Live your life. Follow your dreams. Accomplish your goals. Get it done.