No way to fail...

"You fail only if you stop writing." Ray Bradbury

In general, I don't take well to failing in any aspect of my's just not in my comfort zone...and with writing??? Forget about it...I keep writing. I write through my sorrow and my joy. I write when I'm happy, sad, frustrated, confused, peaceful, chaotic. The times when I am not actually writing, you can bet I'm thinking about writing, eavesdropping on conversations for dialogue. I am watching how people interact, making mental (or actual) notes about their positive and negative nonverbal communication.

I have over 30 fiction novels and nonfiction projects started...they are either 5 chapters deep (for the novels) or are outlined in depth (for the nonfiction). These are the ones I have in my mind currently. This is not counting the fiction and non fiction I have in their respective "ideas" notebook where I capture snippets of ideas to add to my current plate when some things have been finished and published.

So I will never stop writing. I have multiple projects going simultaneously because it has proven extremely difficult to be blocked on every current project on any given day. (Note, I did NOT say it's 'impossible' to be blocked on everything...because that is throwing a pretty impressive gauntlet down for Murphey's Law).

But no worries, Mr. Bradbury...I will NOT fail, because I will NOT ever stop writing.