Nod to the Dreamers

I was thinking, this weekend, about the dreamers...those people who continue to pursue their goals despite the negativity and naysayers. Singers who continue to put songs out there, despite the critics of their style or person...the students who pursue their goals despite the lack of support system...those person who try for a job that others mock or try to dissuade them...I think this would was built on dreamers.

Whenever I talk about my full-time author life, I usually get one of two reactions...there is either skepticism and doubt or support and belief. And whether the former is due to them not having a dream they want more than anything so they don't believe such things can happen, or they don't believe in me accomplishing this dream specifically, I me! This is going to happen with or without your support and if you would just kindly get out of my way, and I will get on with the steps I need to take. Because ultimately -- I'm going to get there with or without you -- and you can bet I'll remember your skepticism and doubt once I've made it.

To the other half -- those who either believe in me as a person because they know I accomplish my goals or they believe in me as an author (or both...I like both :D) because they have read one or more of my books (Whatever you Make of ItArianna's HonorArianna's DestinyBroken Trust, and soon soon soon Redeeming Trust) and think my stories and characters are as amazing as I think they are. I thank you and appreciate you from the bottom of my heart and I can feel your support and hear you rooting for me and I will remember you when I have made it as me this will be the better side of my memory.