Off balance...

SO once again, I have lost my balance of the different things I need to do and I feel behind and upside down all at the same time. I need to take some time (while still making progress, because there is no slowing down right now...) and regroup my thinking and my activities. Just need to get the wheels in my mind re-aligned so I can continue on down this road.

I have made great strides in the typing of the edits for Redeeming Trust and if I stick to my game plan for this weekend, the draft should be ready to send to my "patient" reader by Tuesday. Then when I get it back from her (and hopefully she doesn't make me wait as long as I have made her wait, though it would only be fair) I do a final read-through, patch up any plot holes she discovered and then the novel is finally ready to send out into the world.

While typing the edits has taken longer than I planned, I still know that everything happens when and how it is supposed to, so there is a purpose for the delay, even though I am not completely aware of that purpose quite yet. Of course being delayed in this has also caused a bit of a delay in other projects that I am writing or getting ready to edit (Lucky Charms has been sitting at draft stage for quite some time now. First Down is printed and ready to be my primary project. So close gang...hold on just a few more minutes.

My teaching jobs have both thrown me off balance and been off balance as well and I am now able to say my focus is clear and I can get back on track...sometimes despite my best intentions of keeping my personal life and professional life separate...sometimes things throw you so far off your game it affects everything. But I'm back...focused and ready to give the teaching world my integrity and dedication. Thanks for your patience and for holding a place for me in line.

I am not so far out of balance that I can't fix it. I don't let it get that out of control, no matter what is going on in my world...but I am enough off balance that it is affecting my peace of mind, so that needs to be fixed and I will be balanced again before the weekend is over...count on it.

Go Sodaro!