Off balance

Well, last week, I think I maybe clocked in 6 hours for my author time...which if it was an actual job-job, I would likely be in more trouble than I have put myself in. I know not to harp on "I could haves" or "I should haves" because like Chad and Jeremy sang, "that was yesterday, and yesterday's gone"

So I am not going to beat myself up about it. It was a busy work week for my teacher life and because I do need sleep on a fairly regular basis, I didn't get to be an author enough of the time. And exhaustion was not at all helped by the drastic temperature changes, so I slept...because rest is important, and sometimes outside of my control.

This is a brand new week and I'm going to have the goal to do the best I can, and to do better than last week. Get more balance in my busy busy life and avoid distractions that exist only to make me lose focus. I'm looking forward, not repeating mistakes I have already learned from, not reopening wounds that are best left as scars. Onward and upward. Forward. Forward. Forward. Ever forward.