Online dating

So, in a made up statistic, I love being single about 93.7% of the time. I don't have to explain why I'm still "not done writing" (is there such a thing??) or why, "yes, I do need that package of pens, can't you see it says the word NEW on it?" I don't have to explain why school supply season is my favorite season. I love being single...most of the time. For that 6.3% of the time (look at me, doing math...) when I don't love being single, I think online dating is a good idea, because really, where do people even meet people anymore??

Things that bug me about online dating:

Profile pics which are too close up, taken in the bathroom, taken at an odd angle so you get a lot of forehead or you get the joy of looking up someone's nose. Profile pictures that could also double as a mug shot...maybe you should, I don't know, know, meeting the love of your life and all is supposed to be a happy why do you look pissed off at the whole world?

Separated. Okay...if you are separated and you happen to meet someone and that person helps get you motivated to make that separated a more legally-single thing, that is one thing, but to be proactively looking for someone new when you are not entirely sure you want to be divorced yet? Talk about checking out the grass on the other side of the fence...Maybe it's just me, but nothing makes me click on the no faster than seeing Separated as a status, though smoking is a close second. I do appreciate the honesty though, so one kudo point to you for that.

I don't know...maybe online dating is not for me...except for fodder for books, though I would think I have enough stories about actual dating to fill my I said, most of the time, I love being's just that darn 6.3% of the time which is so loud sometimes.