Out in Public

Sometimes I have to remind myself how nice it is to be out in public. Not my usual "out in public" where I go to Perkins with my notebook...or the library with my notebook...or Starbucks with my notebook...or the park, yeah, you guessed it...with my notebook. Sometimes I like to "cheat" and call this being out in public, but I would probably be more honest by calling this "research" since I am rather inclined to eavesdrop on conversations and I watch people every single chance I get...I like dialogue and interactions... So sometimes I need to remember that it's good to go out in public and interact with people and have my own dialogue. I love friends. I love talking about books and writing. I love talking about guys. I love bringing up old memories and future plans...I love sharing laughter over ice cream and staying at a lunch for hours. And yes, since it's me...these talks with friends still work as "research" but my motives are known. I don't know that anyone who has ever truly had a conversation with me would be surprised to learn that they may end up in a novel somewhere. The guys I date probably should know that too...maybe that is why I don't date much ;) But it is a good reminder for me to go out in public, notebook free once in a while. (I still have my phone with me, with its ColorNotes, let's not go crazy on this). It's good for me to interact with my friends and look up from my notebooks...and I am sure my right hand appreciates the break from holding the pen that fills the notebook pages. Yeah, it is definitely a good thing for me to be out in public once in a while...and now it is time for putting pen to paper.