Part-time job

No...I didn't get another job-job. My full-time teaching job and part-time teaching job keep me satiated, thank you...but I did decide that I am going to treat my author life as a part-time job.

I am going to start "clocking in" and keeping track of my hours at the library in town. I am going to go there every day that I can and put in my time...without the distractions at home...the laundry that never seems to be completely done, the books I need to read (yes, of course there are books in the library, but there is a nice little table in a corner that limits my distractions), the cleaning I need to do, the shows I need to watch for the 100th time, the kittens to snuggle, the roommates to bond with, the space to stare into...

My schedule will have to be a little flexible as my work/life responsibilities ebb and flow, but my goal is to "work" 20 hours at the library each week. And knowing me, I'll likely give myself some kind of prize if I put in my time because I like rewards and while my primary motivation is intrinsically based, a little extrinsic shiny never hurt anyone.

So far this week, I only have 2.5 hours "clocked in" at the library, but it's my first and orientation and all it will become a habit and I will get more work done...which is exactly what I need.