I hate waiting. I mean I really REALLY hate a lot. Fast forward was invented for a reason, people, and we really need to upgrade its uses. LIKE NOW.

Because I hate waiting so much, the Universe does a really good job at making me wait...for everything...and then sits there and watches me twitch.

I want Redeeming Trust done NOW (okay I'm not the only one who wants this...which should count, right...) and it's getting closer every day. I have 5 chapters left to type and then it's off to my reader...who hopefully doesn't find so many plot holes that I have to scrap it and start over completely.

I want Lucky Charms done NOW as well...which is awkward as I haven't even started the read-through to get the revision done.

I want...well, I want all of my current projects finished that I can start on new ones.

I want almost all of my debt gone. POOF. GONE. (One will be paid as slowly as possible because that's all my personality will allow me to do in protest).

I want to be healthier NOW.

I want to be farther along in my author life NOW.

I wonder if my problem is that I was born in the Chinese year of the rabbit, when clearly life wants me to have the tortoise mentality of slow and steady wins the race.

My first tattoo was the Oriental symbol for peace...since then, I have let go of a lot of my rage (some say I have matured, I say the ink soaked in and made me calm...) Perhaps I should add a symbol for patience to have that sink in as well.

I really wouldn't mind waiting..if it didn't take so damn long.