Peaceful easy feeling

"Cause I've got a peaceful, easy feeling, And I know you won't let me down..." Eagles, "Peaceful, Easy Feeling"

It never ceases to amaze me -- no matter how much chaos is in my life -- no matter how swirly I get (and those of you who know me -- know I can get full-on tornado) after five minutes of writing, I am peaceful and calm and absolutely easy breezy. It is magical and fascinating and works 100% of the time. There is nothing else I have found that works with absolute certainty with that perfect of a track record. (Not even my friend, Jack. Mr. Daniels is good to me, but not as good as writing and I can't visit him daily.)

If I ever questioned my calling of being an author (and I don't now, I've come too far...but in the beginning, questions were everywhere)...all I would have to think about is this complete and total peace that spreads through me and fills me from my long hair to my toes. I feel stronger and brave and calmer and just 100% more ME than I did before I started my writing time...and it works regardless of the type of stress I am feeling or the amount of stress I am under -- writing never ceases to calm me and bring me blessed peace.

People ask me if I am ever going to get bored when all I do is write every day. Who could get bored of feeling peaceful and whole? Who could find absolute freedom boring or 'same ole, same ole.' Plus, if I ever get "bored" I will just work on another story or project until I'm not bored anymore.

I am always grateful for the peace inside my soul as the ink (or lead) flows from my mind and heart and onto the paper and forms letters and words. I am always thankful and I express my gratitude today and every other day. I absolutely love this peaceful easy feeling, and I know it won't ever let me down...because it never has.