Pens and notebooks

I write this blog today because not only is it school supply season (which is kind of my Christmas) but also because it is tax-free weekend in Missouri, so all those beautiful pens and notebooks are tax free :D (Yes, I have taken advantage in multiple stores!!!!) I have had people (mostly EX-boyfriends) tell me such nonsense as "you have too many pens and notebooks." This is ridiculous. First of all, it's not as if there is a set number of notebooks and pens one person should have and since no such number exists, it is impossible to have more than that number (math people, just let me have this one in case there is such a way to figure this out). Secondly, just shhhh...all of my pens and notebooks will serve a purpose, so therefore they are all most definitely needed. Too many notebooks and pens...too many pens and notebooks. What does that even mean??? Every project needs a different notebook, just as every project needs a specific pen for the magic to work. I can't explain the science of it (or of anything, if I am being honest). I just go with what works. This novel wants a pink notebook and a black gel it. This novel wants a blue pen with a checkerboard notebook. I have that right here. My Cupid series wants a Pentel RSVP pen and a white legal pad...okay. Two things I have learned as an author are to not argue with my muse and to not question the process. By doing these things I have far more days where I am productive than days when I'm I buy pens and notebooks every chance I get, because I never know what my next project might need. Too many pens and notebooks...what nonsense.