Pieces and Parts

So sometime in my younger time (younger time being any time before now) that was the joke about McDonald's chicken McNuggets...that they were "pieces and parts" of chicken (it may be true, I have no knowledge one way or the other)...that is just what I thought of with my blog title.

I mentioned on Monday that I put too much on my to-do list and that it is easy for me to get overwhelmed. This is absolute truth. I was thinking last week of the things I want to get done this year (2 more books out, NaNo, blogs, etc.etc.etc.) and I started to feel like a better idea was to rock myself quietly in a corner somewhere.

So over the weekend, I took the HUGE things (getting two more novels out and NaNo) and broke them down into pieces and parts. I don't have to get EVERYTHING done in July...but I do have to get SOME things done in July so that I can get SOME things done in August, etc. etc.etc.

So now I have a month-by-month list further broken down to week-by-week and this has made a world of difference in my anxiety level. What do ya know...Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott wins again.

Get things done, Sodaro.