Plot Twist

As a writer, I have learned the importance of chapter breaks, (and like so many things, things that apply to writing apply to real life as well). Sometimes where you end a chapter changes everything. At the very least, it will determine whether or not a reader will be content to stop there (hopefully not stopping for good) or will push on to read one more chapter. That need to know what happens next stronger than the need to sleep or clean or socialize...or whatever it is people do when they are not reading.

Plot twists are good ways to do chapter breaks (they are also REALLY effective in real life situations when it seems you are in an impossible position-- and of course the best plot twists in real life are in the hands of the ultimate author/creator). In fiction, plot twists help reveal character motivations and true character desires. They take a character who is at his/her absolute end of their patience, their wits end, they have the very last drop of hope in their cup and the chapter ends...and then with the new chapter, there is a previously unseen solution -- another way to go or a know tied at the end of the rope. Plot twists keep the hero going, just as surely as they keep us going in real life.

So if you...or your character is in a desperate situation, just know there is a plot twist coming that is going to make a whole new ball game. Hold'll make it.