Dec 27, 2015 by Michelle Denise Sodaro
It always seems to me -- the best poems and songs come from the deepest possible emotions one can feel and sometimes (most of the time, actually) the deepest emotions are the painful ones more so than the joyful ones. Maybe this is just because we analyze and think about the painful ones whereas the joyful ones we just enjoy and ride the wave. Recent events have caused me to get thoughts for poems again. It's been a while since I have felt anything deeply enough to put into a poem and every single time that well runs dry, I worry I have written my last poem. And then something happens...or an entire series of events happen...and the first inkling for a poem begins to appear, like a flower opening back up after a storm. It starts with a word or phrase -- an object whose meaning strikes you...a song that opens a memory...an onslaught of emotion that knocks you over with its intensity. And the dust settles and you pick yourself up again, you listen to the words of your heart, and poetry begins to come alive once more. I have over 400 poems written. I have countless others started anywhere from a single phrase to a verse or two. Some of them will be published in Shades of Blue, (right now, I am thinking 2017 as 2016 is already full). Some of them will fill a later compilation. Some may never be published at all. I am far braver now than I was before, so maybe they will be published after all. I do want many of them to be accompanied by a drawing or sketch (I need to talk to my artist friends as my drawing ability is limited to uneven stick figures and fat cats). There are things to figure out...but the good news is that the poems are speaking to me again.