Positive conspiracy

"Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen." Ralph Waldo Emerson

This has proven itself true over and over again in my life. It amazes me every time...and every time it happens, I am extremely grateful.

I read a book by Henriette Klauser called Write it Down; Make it Happen. It talked about how the universe wants us to have the positive things we want, wants us to accomplish our goals that promote happiness and positive energy. The universe wants to help us, but we need to be specific in our requests, because the universe is rather literal.

I have decided I want to be a full-time author and the universe has made sure I have a teaching job that allows me to have writing time. My bills are getting paid (mostly) and I am able to put aside money each paycheck for publishing. Writing time and money to publish. Exactly what I asked for. A teaching job I love and time to write, exactly what I asked for. (I have asked for help with finding love, but I am evidently not wording that quite right yet...so I will keep trying). But the writing and teaching life parts...exactly what I asked for, and thank you kindly. Well played, Universe. Very well played indeed.