PPWC: Pikes Peak Writer's Conference


Three years ago, I went to the Pikes Peak Writer's Conference for the first time (as opposed to the two years prior when I had registered and chickened out...after all, who was I to go to a writer's conference).

And then I went in April of 2016...and it was amazing, and as it turned out...I had every right to be at a writer's conference, because I am, and have been...a writer. And for 3 days, I wasn't a teacher...I wasn't a hyphen (a teacher-author)...I was just...amazingly, an author. I was among my people. MY PEOPLE. People who understand the highs and lows of this calling and who wouldn't choose any other path. (This is not in any way downplaying the role of my amazing support system. You guys are my rock and I couldn't do this day after day without you.)

April 2017. I went for my second time and I no longer felt like I was lost. I felt like I belonged for the first time in my life...me, Michelle Sodaro. It was like coming home. I got to be among writers, eating with writers, talking writing with writers, absorbing everything I possibly could from everyone I possibly could.

So this year, I go back for my 3rd conference. I go back to be around my people. To totally dive in to the author world, and for a few days, forget reality, forget jobs, forget bills, forget responsibilities, and just breathe.