Pre-game jitters

So when I taught face to face classes, I would get this antsy, butterflies all over, bouncy insides before the start of EVERY class. Yes. 19 years later and I still get nervous before facing a crowd for the first time. Will anyone show up? Will there be at least one person who talks to me? Will someone at least pretend to laugh at one of my jokes? Humor me, makes both our lives easier.

Where I teach now, it's all online, so that is nice...there is less pressure to be humorous, I don't have to worry that my pretty yet messy curls look like something out of a Dr. Seuss book. And since we have starts almost every week, there isn't really time for the pre-game jitters.

Tomorrow is my 2nd official book signing. And the pre-game jitters are out in full force. What if no one shows up? Well, I am bringing two people with me and I am really good friends with the owner of the store, so there will be at least four people there, myself included. And I'm bringing a card game. So we will still be entertained if we are the only ones there. (Murphey's Law, right? IF I bring cards, there will be no time to play, but if I don't bring them, there will be all kinds of down time).

I am going to get my hair done for the event...well..."done" is my wonderful hair girl making my curls pop and *hopefully* all facing relatively the same direction.

It's going to be a good time. People will be there. It will all work out.You'll see...and worse case scenario? There is a Side Pockets right down the strip mall from my friend's shop...and they have Jack to comfort me if he's needed. Which he won't be...because it will be fine...but just in case. I'm covered.