So today I paid off one bill. One tiny step closer to financial freedom.

Today I also did workout 23. I was even able to breathe through my nose for part of it (over the weekend I had some sort of sick going on...I took in plural...)

This weekend (in between naps and Dayquil) I wrote a chapter, got the next agents information to send my novels to (I am going to send them out as soon as I hear back from the current agents I have queried or June 6th, whichever comes first).

This weekend I also wore a choice. And it was not as uncomfortable as it has been in the past...yeah workouts...this is motivating as the number on the scale is not as low as I think it should be with as much as I have been doing...

I also made notes on 3 different projects, did some very profound reflecting on my teaching career, and read half a book (I have been on a self-improvement book kick lately, but really am craving some good old fiction).

I made plans for my blogs and made cuts in my daily routine so that I could have more balance between my work life and my author life.

Slowly but surely...step by step. I am making progress. GO ME! Yeah Sodaro!