Progress, pt. 2

So last week was a busy week with getting PO Box keys and typing the two shiniest words on to Redeeming Trust's  final page...

I also ordered business cards. They should be here on Thursday!!

(Consequently, these would have come in handy last week when a friend treated me to Starbucks and introduced me as her author introduction which thrills me from my curly blonde hair to my colorful socks...and if you question that, just call me an author sometime and watch my face light up.)

There is a list on the fridge at home of things I need to get done or pay for or get going on in some fashion. (Those of  you who know me, know how much I love my lists) and it is such a motivator to be able to cross one thing off, then one more thing...and one more thing still.

I'm getting there, friends.