Push-Me Pull-You

So...the original Dr. Doolittle had a 2-headed llama-type creature called a push-me pull-you and I am feeling a bit like one today...I got caught up on some reflections, have started the editing of First Down and have written more on Don't Let Go, but then fell "behind" on my blog and other projects I have been working on as well...but I think I am okay with this...in fact, given how many things I am trying to juggle along with a full-time and part-time teaching gig, I think it is the only way for me to even be able to stay quasi-sane.

I like making progress. I like to mark things off my to-do lists, of course...my teeny tiny bit of OCD...but I also like to make progress because I know it is for a future that is so close, I can see it. I can FEEL it. And the only way to get there is daily progress. And yes, people have told me I would make more progress if I focused on playing with just one toy at a time, but that is not how my Gemini-ADD mind works...in fact that would make it more likely that the dreaded soul-sucking WRITER'S BLOCK would show up and I would end up binging on Who's the Boss reruns and making no progress at all (and don't get me wrong, it was a great show...but holy hair spray Angela...)

So I am good with being a push-me pull-you. I am okay with the ebb and flow of "caught up" and "behind" (and since the deadlines are all self-imposed, I have only myself to face if I miss one, and I can be bribed with ice cream.)

Step by step, project by project, I will get where I am going...soon.