Put it out there, part two

So next month I am sending Whatever you Make of It and Broken Trust out into the world, as I mentioned in my previous blog.

Next month I am also putting myself out there as well as my fictional children. I am attending a writer's conference...with other writers...where we will talk about writing...with writers...who write...

There is also a 10-minute one-on-one I get to have with an editor or agent from a publishing house, where I get to plug myself and my novels and get feedback.

And I get time off from being a teacher. Just a bit of a reprieve from the teacher hat. No Ms. Sodaro at that conference, no sir. It's Michelle. Michelle Sodaro.

I get time in my Jeep. I get to be in a hotel.

All. By. Myself.

Next month I am taking two leaps of faith into my author life.