Putting it out there, pt. 1

So a month from now I am sending two of my novels out into the world with no adult supervision. I am entering them into a Self-Published novel competition. It's time. They are ready. ME? Not so much. But yeah, I mean, of course I'm ready, right?


How do parents do this? How do parents send their kids off on the school bus? On a field trip? On a date? Off to college?

Do you follow the bus to make sure it is safe?

Do you become a stalker at the museum?

Do you sit with them awkwardly at dinner to see if the date is going well?

Do you follow them to classes to make sure the professors see their brilliance?

How do parents do this? Do they drink heavily? Take pills? Get blitzed?

How do they just let their kids go out into the world? How can they just let go?

Well if they can do it with tiny humans, surely I can do it with my fictional children.