Quizzical Queries

So I love the process of self-publishing, and I will continue to self-publish regardless of anything else that happens. I am also querying agents to check out the traditional publishing route. Anything that puts my books in more reader's hands, I am a fan of and am going to try. Count on it.

The querying process is dizzying. Why can't there be one standard thing that agents are looking for. Query letter should have this, this, and this. Synopsis includes this, this, this and not this. Never do this. Always do this. AND....send.

But no...there isn't agreement in what should be in a query letter..what should be included in a synopsis (chapter by chapter? Overall? 3 pages? One page?) Send the first 30 pages. Send the first 3 chapters. Send a picture of a goat enjoying your novel. Now put a tiara on the goat. And send...but only on the second Tuesday of the month when the moon is a full moon, not a new moon...that is no good.

It is maddening when I just want to scream out READ MY BOOK AND LOVE ME!!!!!! And if that book doesn't work for you, tell me what you need...I bet I have one started. Have you seen my project quilt? It has something for everyone.

Like I said, I will continue to self-publish regardless of if I get an agent or not. I would love the networking opportunities that would come along with that, but more than anything else, I want to get my books out there for people to read. There are characters I can't wait for everyone to meet!!!